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Scottsdale Hypnosis helps to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

No Drugs - No Withdrawal

This unique hypnotherapy process combines a neurological proces for the mind to eliminate the habit and cravings.

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Free Consultation

Free Consultation

  •   Improve Your Health
  •   Save Money
  •   Reduce Anxiety
  •   End the Rituals
  •   Taste Your Food
  •   Smoke-free Smell
  •   Better Sex
  •   Improve Heart Health
  •   Athletic Performance
  •   Better Time Management

After completion of the first session, there will be no additional charges. On the rare case that a client needs reinforcement, Scottsdale Hypnosis will provide it free of charge until client has achieved the desired results, as long as Scottsdale Hypnosis has an open office for business.

I am committed to your new smoke-free lifetyle.

Colleen Hitchcock, BCH, CCHt, & Smoking Cessation Specialist

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  • "11 days non smoking! Thank you for changing my life!! l tried every single day to quit on my own. And failed... also l didn't have any side effects. It was very easy with your help...You can use my name if you like. I'm very grateful. Now lm finally enjoying my pregnancy. Blessings!! ”*
    ---*Results may vary from person to person.
    — Carmen Ayerza - Goodyear, AZ
  • "I’ve smoked a pack a day since I was 15. Whenever I tried to stop, I would pick them up again.
    Couldn’t believe that it worked—but it did. I feel better, healthier and have more money—and more friends!”*
    ---*Results may vary from person to person.

    — P. J. Scottsdale, AZ
  • “My wife and I both wanted to quit the habit. Thought we would be smoking until our last breath. We both quit in one session and now we’re investing better for the extra years we’ll have!"*
    ---*Results may vary from person to person.

    — R. C. & B. C., Phoenix, AZ
  • "I knew my marijuana and hookah use was getting out of hand—and costing money. One session and I have lost all desire. Now I realize how stoned I was going through life. I get more done, got a job and I was promoted in a month. I see a much better future for my life now.”*
    ---*Results may vary from person to person.
    — J. S., Cave Creek, AZ
  • "I’ve chewed since I was a teenager. But a a legal professional, it has been something that I have wanted to quit for years. Logically I knew better. Just couldn’t do it on my own. Now I’m clean of the dirty habit, and feel better than I have ever felt. More time for clients and my practice and no rituals dictating my life. Highly recommend!”
    ---*Results may vary from person to person.

    — J. B. - Phoenix, AZ

*The Results May Vary from Person to Person.

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